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I suffered from dizzy spells, sciatica problems and lower back pain. Dr. Sue, our Zen Doctor, has healed those ailments and many more. Her calm concerned and knowledgeable manner has helped in so many ways. She also will investigate your individual problems; she cares about you (like an old-time country doctor) and will heal you completely. She is not only a state-of-art chiropractor, but a healer, not only of your back, but your body and spirit. Sue, Thank you for all you do and your love.

Peace, love and prosperity to all! J.H.

Being a long time friend and patient of Dr. Susan Corwith, it is really her talents and gifts as a chiropractor that never fail to amaze me! Be it a crick or a long-term problem, she tackles it with all the aplomb necessary to get the best results for the patient. Her gentle manner, her gracious listening spirit, and her caring attitude all make for one great chiropractor! From a grateful patient, a million thanks!!!!   J. Z.

Dr. Sue is the most caring health care professional I have ever met. Her touch is healing, always gentle. I have been receiving treatment for about 10 months, and I believe that because she is keeping me in balance, I have not had pneumonia or bronchitis this winter, nor have I had any further lower back trouble or sciatica. K.F.

Dr. Sue always comes with an open heart  to every treatment-the office is calm and relaxing and I always feel better when I leave and for days afterward-I don't know what I would do without her caring and expertise. L. L.

I just love my doctor, if she were a guy I'd marry her! She saves my life every Saturday...she's a wonderful human being and knowing her has changed my life! H.C.

Dr. Sue has a gift, a talent. Even if someone else had the same physical skills, their treatment wouldn't be the same because it is Dr. Sue's special touch that makes the healing process happen.  L.W.

Dr. Sue very gently erases all stiffness and you learn how your body wants to hold itself.  M.W.

I've not been a patient at another chiropractic office. Dr. Sue gently adjusts and aligns my spine. Keeping physically fit and active as I age is very important to me. The wellness plan I've established at Dr. Sue's office helps me work through occasional lower back/neck/hip pain, and still stay active. Another great service, especially-an additional appointment if needed. Thank you. J.D.

I have been receiving well patient care from Dr. Sue for 24 years! Wow! Dr. Sue's loving care keeps me balanced and healthy. My children Joseph, 23 and Ana 18, both have been attended to by Dr. Sue since they were each a month old. Her hands on, gentle massaging touch energizes me and keeps my family healthy and I believe out of the doctor's office. Her staff is second to none, always cheerful and warm. Thank you Dr. Sue!    R.W.

I choose to come  here primarily due to the [holistic] approach, the gentle work on the whole body compared to jerking neck snapping or back cracking therapy. The hospitality is also a plus, the staff is always willing to discuss personal as well as everyday life experiences.   E.H.

I come because it makes me feel better; makes me feel taller and more aligned. The work is subtle, yet deeply effective for bringing about a sense of well-being. Dr. Sue's work and office make me feel good about taking care of myself. It's affordable, I like committing to the well patient care plan because it becomes maintenance like brushing my teeth or exercising or meditating-maintenance vs. crisis intervention (or cavities or lethargy and an obsessive mind). I love the location because it is close to home and easy to get to with plenty of parking. Mostly, it's different because it's gentle yet very effective. Dr. Sue is a true healer grounded in the medical aspects with a gift for healing. I feel cared for there. D.E.

When I started at Dr. Sue's office (that's what everyone calls her), it was roughly 10 years ago. My body felt like a pretzel. I was afraid of chiropractors knowing how your body gets cracked. But Dr. Sue is one of a kind. I always say she has magical hands. No jerking or snapping involved in her office (unless you like that). The warmth that comes from her hands is unbelievable. When she is working on your body it makes you so relaxed and at ease, you might fall asleep. Whatever it is bothering you, I believe Dr. Sue can make it feel better with that mom's touch she has. Soft and Gentle.  L.H.

Having chronic back pain, stiff neck and headaches I entered chiropractic care over 20 years ago. Dr. Sue gives gentle firm treatments-no jerking and thrusting. Being in Dr.Sue's wellness program has let me live a more fulfilling life. Dr. Sue has your best interest at heart, giving you the best possible aid for better health. C.M.

I had been suffering for years with hip and back pain which caused me to walk with a limp at times. I went from one medical doctor to another trying to find out what was wrong with me. Finally, I was diagnosed with bursitis, and later arthritis. Then, I went to a lecture Dr. Sue gave about total chiropractic health and what her methods were. I thought I'd give it a try. She took x-rays and did some trouble-shooting on my entire body as well as my spine. In the beginning, she had to help me on and off the treatment table. She was gentle and caring, and attentive to my special needs and concerns. She treated the "total package", and even gave me simple exercises to do at home. She made recommendations to me from time-to-time, with her vast knowledge of traditional and holistic medicine. Now I am 57 years old, and have been doing things that I never thought I could do, such as spin classes, yoga, and walking three miles a day, four to five times a week. I would recommend Dr. Sue to anyone who wants optimum health.   L.F.

 A little over a year ago, my daughter and I were in a car accident. We both had headaches and neck stiffness due to whiplash, so we started seeing Dr. Sue. Her gentle and loving approach to healing have made such a difference! Now, even though we are feeling better, we still look forward to seeing Dr. Sue regularly and my son comes now, too. Regular visits keep us feeling healthier, we get sick less often than before and have more energy to deal with daily stress!  P.G.

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